The Den Project

The first brief we’ve been given to start the second year off involves the construction of dens! Interesting, although not exactly the type of thing I’d ever choose to do – I prefer illustration and design, personally, and the thought of having to construct something large enough for a person (or two!) to fit inside is sending me into a bit of a panic. Even as a child, I’d never built a den before and, due to this den having to be made from found materials and objects, my OCD has flared up slightly; am I really expected to touch and work with “used” items that will make my hands feel extremely dirty and unhygienic? So, between one thing and another, this brief will be somewhat difficult for me.

But, difficult or not, it has to be done! I’ll have a look through some den ideas, find some images that I particularly like, stick them up on this blog and – fingers crossed – I gain some sort of inspiration as to how I’d like my own den to look like.


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