The Junkman of Africa

Dilomprizulike, otherwise known as the Junkman of Africa, takes what seems as waste and resurrects them as works of installation art – the discarded, the broken and the worthless are transformed into exhibition pieces. If anyone is a good example of using found objects all around you to create something, then it’s definitely him; not only has he converted junk into sculpture, but also items such as clothing and a home!

I quite like his work; despite the fact that he held an exhibition at the Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno, I’ve never seen his art before and, though it’s not at all the usual type of art that I’m attracted to, I do admire his innovative approach to using what others classify as rubbish to create some quirky and imaginative pieces. When I was first told about him in class, I did half-expect a very “typical” conceptual artist – you know the type, the ones who throw a pile of whatever in a corner of a gallery and call it art by sticking a pretentious meaning to it. But, Dilomprizulike’s work actually has a form to it, a visible idea and concept that puts a small smile on my face. My particular favourite is the “Waiting for Bus” piece, where he constructed life-sized figures out of items he found, giving them a human-like shape and even dressing them in the clothes he had also uncovered along with the items. Seeing what was once waste taking shape and being crafted into something so whimsical and pleasing has given me that bit of inspiration to, hopefully, start up my own den designs!


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