Hundertwasser’s Drawing

As I said before, I’m not very keen on Hundertwasser’s art as much as I am on the architecture, but I do think it’s important to make a mention of the drawings. A lot of the work that I’ve seen through my research involves buildings, houses and cityscapes in some way or other, as whimsy and unconventional as the physical structures he made. It seems buildings were important to him and his philosophy of not conforming and breaking away from the monotony that so many of the population fall into. Before, in my last post, I made a mention that I found his art to be very childish – but, I guess, in a way, that’s the beauty and quality of his creativity? To keep that childlike view of the world, to see it as something that should be played with and made colourful; and, as I think about it, I realise that perhaps this is an element that needs to be addressed with this den project!


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