Gareth Griffiths’ Shelter Project

Another artist I was told to research who also exhibited at the Mostyn gallery, Llandudno, was Gareth Griffiths. What started off as a series of small and quick maquettes for his paintings quickly became its very own body of work, with an area full of these maquettes made from everyday objects and used items – books, cardboard, envelopes, etc. He began to put them together, then asked his sons – who are also artists – to contribute with their own maquettes; this invitation was then extended to other fellow artists until it became one large project!

This series of little shelters is just so simple, I was quite amazed when I began to do this research – to think that an upturned book could make for a good shelter maquette is a nice surprise to me! With this project, I was asked to make my own maquettes and, I’ll be honest, I was somewhat stuck on how to go about making them; the only time I’d ever had to make such things was during ceramics class, and these maquettes had to be somewhat intricate, using blocks of wood and wire to create the basic shape of my initial sculpture idea. So, I began to over-think when it came to doing it for the den, imagining I had to make a tiny tent out of fabric or a structure out of toothpicks. While Gareth Griffiths hasn’t directly inspired me in my quest for den ideas, he has shown me that maquettes can be as simple as taking a label off a tin can and placing it on its side!


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