The Anderson Shelter

An Anderson Shelter was a shelter normally found at the bottom of a garden during the Second World War, there to protect civilians during an air raid. They were mainly underground and made of corrugated iron, with earth piled up over the roof. For the poor, they were free, but those who earned over a certain amount per week had to pay for one. The insides were normally stocked with supplies and somewhere relatively comfortable to sit/sleep, just in case you had to be inside one for a while!

What I like about the Anderson Shelter is the slight contrast between the outside and the inside – while it looks so crude and basic, with cheap iron as its structure, the inside is really quaint and they were made to be as homely as possible, likely as means to comfort the person/family that had to stay within one of these shelters for hours. Appearances are almost deceptive; it’s shown me that, despite how messy and “dirty” the outside of a den or shelter seems, the inside can be very clean and comfortable.


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