Shelters in the woods

I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at three different types of shelters – woodland shelters, urban shelters and shelters during World War 2. Just having a general look through of these will give me a better understanding of different types of shelters and how the surrounding environments can have influence on the structures; for instance, the amount of space you can use or the materials.

First up are shelters in the woods, or shelters in the country! These are very organic structures, making use of everything that grows in the woodlands and make me think of the type of dens that children would make – picking things up that are just lying around and making a “building” from it.

I like how they seem to be camouflaged and blended in with their environment. These people are using branches, leaves and rocks, not bringing man-made products in to build the dens.


Despite how crude some of them seem to be, they possess a charm to them; I think it stems from the fact that some of these dens weren’t planned out. They were just made on the spot with no forethought for structure or design.



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