Urban Shelters

Alright, given that the den building brief requires recycled items and to be built in about two or three days, there’s no way I could ever come up with a design inspired by urban shelters – unlike the ones in the woodlands, these are perfectly designed with aesthetics almost at the forefront. It’s all about shapes, lines, colours, and they all seem pretty sleek and very modern; almost the complete opposite of the woodland dens, which were very rough and seemed more material-orientated, using nature and keeping everything organic.

I have a tendency to like clean designs, so I do find myself more drawn to these urban shelters.

The shelter above is one I find extremely interesting. Not only has the appearance been well thought out, but it is designed to withstand earthquakes – I love how something so fascinating in its look also has such a useful function. It looks conceptual, but it serves a purpose too.


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